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Communication & Collaboration ——The Business Team of Guangzhou Chemicals visited customers in Egypt and Turkey

Release date:2019/11/29

As the current trade situation near the Middle East is complex, Ma Yutian, chairman of Guangzhou Chemicals, personally led business team visit customer companies in Egypt and Turkey this November, so as to know the local market of Egypt and Turkey on the spot and consolidate the cooperation.

Egypt and Turkey are two of the key developing markets for Guangzhou Chemicals during these years. Our company won the recognition of numerous local trading partners with excellent quality and professional trade services. During this trip to Egypt and Turkey, our business team has gained a lot by visiting old customers, investigating new clients and discussing cooperation matters with them.

Through in-depth acquainting and analysis of the current situation over the local market, this visit laid a foundation for the marketing team to purposefully formulate market strategies in market segments and fields. More importantly, it provided an opportunity for the company to achieve connectivity, resource sharing, complementary advantages and win-wincooperation with customers.